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In a very boring town in the middle of nowhere, lived a very shy, lonely boy, named Hayden.
Hayden loved to dream, and isolate himself in his own world, where no one could judge him.
He had lots of friends, people actually sort of just stayed around to see him smile.
One day at school, he saw a girl that he hadn't seen before, and developed a crush.
he was so shy that he asked one of his friends to talk to her for him, and he did.
the next day, he found himself staring at her sitting all alone, trying to work up the nerve to walk over there.
after many moments of pushing away his doubts, he finally stepped over and asked her if she'd go on a walk with him.
she accepted, and they walked, and talked, about where she was from, and little things.
finally, he asked if he could call her sometime on the phone.
"are you actually going to call?" she asked.
he said yes, and the same nerves he had to to calm came back before calling.
he was very surprised when she wanted to spend time with him outside of school.
he was even more surprised when they did, they were hugging and holding hands.
next day of school, he couldn't walk up to her again, he just stared across from each other, meeting each others eyes than looking away.
he waited til the next day to approach her, when she kissed him and asked "why didn't you come talk to me yesterday?"
he told her he was too nervous.

the two of them became really close as time went on.
he would listen to songs with her, and draw her pictures, write her letters that she would hang on her wall.
they'd go to the beach, have picnics, go everywhere together.
one day, the girl told hayden that she had to move away.
And instead of hayden giving her a reason to stay, he did the only thing he thought of to keep those memories alive.
a new friend found him, it was not the same, he didn't like this new friend like he liked her.
she did the same, she found a new friend to keep her company, but hayden always ran back to her.
eventually, she moved away, and hayden moved in with his father to try and forget what happened.
he became even more shy, in the new school, barely talked to anyone, the best part of his day is when he went home and dove into his own little world.

as time went on, he made a new friend, who wasn't like his old friend at all, but very compatible for hayden.
she was more like a sister than a romantical friend, and hayden was kinda like a servant, he loved to hear her talk and talk and talk that he would give her things she needed. he's still friends with her to this day, but seperated to find his own way.
eventually, he met a girl that reminded him of his first love, but it wasn't the same.
When hayden let her into her fantasy world, she was very judgemental and didn't like to do alot of the same things as hayden did.
so again, he ran into someone who reminded him of his sister figure.
he kept his other friend, but kept distance between them, and talked to the sister figure more often because it was very interesting to him and she had such an admirable personality and glow to her, that hayden tried to hide that he liked her.
he destroyed ties to the friend he didn't like and told the one he liked his feelings and was rejected.

he was so crushed, he didn't go outside for months and months.
but being Hayden, he always found himself not being alone for very long.
he got a part time job, doing various things in various places.
but the very best part of his life, was finding a friend inside of his own little world, that was completely perfect for him.
they both loved to play games together, they both loved to talk, and having lots of people around them.
they both were shy, and cared what the other wanted to do, for they still had major differences, but great compromise was made.
but, he didn't want to get rejected again, so he told his new friend all of his feelings for the person who rejected him, telling her that she couldn't have those feelings, but because he hadn't met her face to face, he thought it was possible that his new friend could be her, in that case, they could be really happy, but hayden doesnt think this is true. when hayden told her that, her new friend wanted to steal him away from her, and capture those feelings he had for her.
She did the most fantastic job he'd ever seen, they were spending hours and hours together, they were pretty much unseperable and meant for each other.

in the real world, he was very shy, and didn't really talk much, but in the world they made together, he could speak to her for endlessly.
everything was perfect, until outside perceptions were thrown into the relationship, creating chaos.

someone asked Hayden if he would quit smoking cigarettes for her, and without thinking, he did it.
causing extreme hallucinations, agitation, and discomfort, all that he took out on his friend.
he started doing whatever he pleased, without her permission, only hurting himself.

there friendship isn't the same, they don't talk like they used to or spend time together like they used to, but time is slowly mending it, learning and changing in a positive direction, waiting for it to spark into what it used to be, and that is Beautiful.
there's no telling what will happen next for Hayden and his friend, but he thinks this could only be the beginning.


United States


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